Everywhere Folder

What is it? The Everywhere feature allows you to synchronize data among multiple devices instantly. 

How does it work? When you install ElephantDrive Application (V. 5.1.0 or later) on a Windows or Mac device, it creates a folder called Everywhere on that device. Any files and folders that you put in the Everywhere folder on one device will automatically get synced in the Everywhere folder on any of your other devices that you have registered with ElephantDrive under the same account. You must have the ElephantDrive application version 5.1.0 or later to enjoy the Everywhere feature. 



Where is it? An Everywhere Folder is created on your device when you install ElephantDrive on your Mac or PC. You can find this Everywhere folder within the ElephantDrive folder.






Example: You have installed ElephantDrive on your office desktop and your laptop. Now you have a folder called Everywhere on both, your desktop and your laptop.

Let’s say you will be working on a .pdf document from your laptop before heading to your office. Simply put this .pdf document in your Everywhere folder and work on it as you usually do. This .pdf document will automatically get backed-up to your ElephantDrive account and it will be synced on all of your devices instantly. As you make changes to this document, ElephantDrive will continuously synchronize these across all your devices.

This allows you to access the .pdf document from any of the devices and continue working on it. It’ as if you never switched to a different device!


Please keep in mind that independent sub-accounts do not share the same Everywhere folder with other independent sub-accounts or with their parent account. Just as other features in independent sub-accounts, they also have their independent Everywhere folder.


* Please install the ElephantDrive version 5.1.0 or later to enjoy this feature.

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