How to manually install the latest release of ElephantDrive for Drobo?

The latest version of ElephantDrive is not yet available through Drobo Apps in the Drobo dashboard. This guide explains how to manually install the latest version of ElephantDrive for Drobo.

1. Use this link to download the latest version of ElephantDrive. Make sure it is named "elephantdrive.tgz". Some browsers like Safari may change the extension of the file. 

2. If you already have ElephantDrive installed, uninstall it as shown below:


3. Mount Drobo to your Windows or Mac device. In this step, you need to mount a special share folder called DroboApps:

  • Mac Users:
    1. In Finder, click the Go option > Connect to Server
    2. Enter the following to connect the DroboApps share: <Name or IP address of your Drobo>:/DroboApps
    3. You will be prompted to choose to connect as a Guest or a Registered user. Select Registered User and log in with your Admin credentials
    4. Select DroboApps  from the list of shared volumes
  • Windows Users
    1. Open Windows Explorer, on the side panel, click on Network and select your Drobo device.
    2. Select DroboApps. Enter your Admin account credentials as shown below

4. Copy and paste the file you downloaded in Step 1 into the DroboApps folder.

5. Reboot your Drobo device.

6. After rebooting, ElephantDrive should now be installed as shown below:


Do not click on Update. This will downgrade you to the older version from Drobo Apps

7. Click on Configure and verify that you are indeed running the latest version of ElephantDrive


Once you complete the steps above, check out how to configure ElephantDrive to backup your files.  

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