How do I configure ElephantDrive backups?

Now that you've installed the ElephantDrive App on your Drobo, let's setup your backups.


1. Click Yes on the installation complete message to begin the backup configuration.



(If you've clicked "No" on the above message previously, you can always click on the ElephantDrive App and then click on the Configure button as shown below.)



 2. A new screen will open that allows you to either log-in to an existing ElephantDrive account or you can sign up for a new account. If you already have an ElephantDrive account, simply log-in with your user-name and password. To create a new account, click Sign Up

 Sign_up_2.JPG.png               Sign_up.JPG.png


If you sign-up for a new account, ElephantDrive will create a 30 day FREE 50GB trial account for you. 

Once you've signed-up for a new account or logged in with an existing ElephantDrive account, the ElephantDrive app on your Drobo will automatically log you in with that account. It means that you've successfully connected your Drobo device to your ElephantDrive account.

3. Next, click on Manage Cloud Backup to set up your backups. .



4. Enter user-name/password and click Log In.



5. Whenever you connect a new device to your ElephantDrive account, a setup tutorial will guide you through the setup process. It will identify the device you've connected by its name. Click Get Started to begin the setup.



6. ElephantDrive gives you the freedom to either use default encryption keys or personalized encryption keys. Select your preferred option and click Next Step.




7. The next screen will show you a list of existing Shares on your Drobo device. You can quickly start to backup any of these shares. Just select Click to Enable Backup for any share that you want to backup.




8. A confirmation window will ask you to verify the NAS Share name and path you are enabling backup for. Click Enable to continue.



9. You've successfully enabled a backup for a share! Enable backups for any additional shares that you want to back up. 

You will also notice that the Status of shares that you've already enabled will change to Enabled with a green icon. 


11. Click Finish to complete the setup process. We will take you to the Manage Backups section, where you can add additional backups for sub-folders, etc. 

 It may take several minutes for the device to start showing up on your ElephantDrive account. To see the backups in progress, check out the Current Backup Activity report.

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