How do I manually install the ElephantDrive app?

ElephantDrive release updates as often as possible to deliver improvements and enhancements to Seagate customers. If you would like to get your hands on these updates as quickly as they are released, you can install the latest ElephantDrive package manually on your Seagate NAS. These are stable and throughly tested builds, of course.

    1. Download the ElephantDrive package for your Seagate NAS.
    2. Access your Seagate NAS through the web interface and click on App Manager
    3. Click Manual Install.
    4. Click Select and browse to the ElephantDrive package file you downloaded in step #1 → check the box marked #2 in image below → click Install
    5. ElephantDrive app will now install. Once installed, you will see the ElephantDrive app under My Apps section. 

Once you've installed the latest package of the ElephantDrive cloud backup, you can follow this step-by-step tutorial to configure backups.

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