How do I enable D-Link Vault?

D-Link Vault allows you to backup data directly from your D-Link Share Center to the cloud in D-Link Vault. Let's get you started with your D-Link Vault. If you have a new D-Link DNS NAS, it may already come with D-Link Vault installed on it. In that case, simply skip to step 4. If you have a D-Link DNS NAS that is older than D-Link Vault, you can still install the D-Link Vault on this device. Let's start.

1.  Download the “D-Link vault” add-on package for your device:

2.  Login to the NAS and go to “Management” > “Application Management” > “Add Ons”.

3.  Press “Browse” to locate the file you just downloaded in step #1 and then, press “Apply” to install the add-on.



4.  Next, we need to link your D-Link DNS NAS device with your D-Link Vault account. To do this, go to the ShareCenter interface (usually accessed using the IP address, i.e.

  • Go to Applications and then click on D-Link Vault.



5.  You can either log-in with your existing credentials or create a new account.

  • To log-in with an existing account, just enter your username and password and click Login.
  • To create a new account, see the next step.



6.  To create a new account, click on the Create Account tab. By Default, you will get a FREE 50GB 30 day trial. You can change your plan to a larger plan at anytime.

  • Enter an e-mail address → choose a secure password → click Signup.



7.  This will create an account and automatically connect your Share Center with your newly created D-Link Vault account. Next, you can setup your data/shares to backup to D-Link Vault. Just click Manage Cloud Backup button to get started.

  • After you click on the Manage Cloud Backup, you can also follow along with the Backup Wizard Tutorial for additional assistance.



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