ElephantDrive, Privacy and GDPR

As a company, ElephantDrive places a high value on privacy and transparency.

So, let’s start by making a couple of things clear about how we protect your data:

  • We collect and process a limited amount of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • We only collect and process PII that is necessary to provide the services our users sign up for:
    • Email and name for logging in and getting in touch
    • Payment info for paying for your plan, and…
    • That’s it 
  • We do not sell any of this information
  • We do not share any of this information
  • We only host, store, or interact with this PII on secure systems provided by partners that also comply with our standards, including GDPR.  Examples of such providers are our payment processing solution, our customer support ticketing solution, our email delivery solution, and our infrastructure solutions.

All other data stored by users in their accounts is encrypted during transit and at rest, and is absolutely private (https://support.elephantdrive.com/hc/en-us/articles/205537248-How-is-my-data-secured-at-ElephantDrive-)

Our partners/resellers share our privacy concerns and comply with GDPR. We have subscribed to their updated policies put in place to guarantee GDPR compliance.

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