How to Manually Install ElephantDrive in DSM 6.0+

  • Uninstall ElephantDrive (might be required to install DSM 6.0): 
    1. Go to Package Center
    2. Click on the "Action" dropdown under ElephantDrive Icon
    3. Click Uninstall
  • Update to the latest DSM:
    1. Click on Control Panel
    2. Click on Update & Restore
  • Make sure Web Station is installed and running. It is available at the Package Center. 


  • Using the links below, download the latest ElephantDrive binary for your device and save it to your computer. 
    • Download Link
      • armada38x: DS116, DS216j, DS216, DS416j, DS416slim, DS218j, RS217, RS816, 
      • armada370: DS216se, DS115j, EDS14, DS114, DS214se, RS214, DS414slim, DS213j
      • armada375: DS115, DS215j
      • armadaxp: DS214, DS214+, DS414, RS814, RS815, RS814
      • comcerto2k: DS414j
    • Download Link
      • monaco: DS216play
    • Download Link
      • alpine4k: DS416, DS215+
      • alpine: DS715, DS1515, DS2015xs, DS1817, DS1517
    • Download Link
      • evansport: DS415play, DS214play
    • Download Link
      • qoriq: DS213+, DS413
      • powerpc: DS-101, DS-101j
      • ppc853x: DS110+, DS210+, DS410, DS109+, DS209+, DS209+II, DS409+, RS409RP+, DS509+
    • Download Link
      • x86 (x86_64): DS712+, DS411+, DS411+ II, DS1511+, RS2211RP+, DS2411+, DS710+, RS810RP+, DS1010+, RS2211+, RS810+
      • cedarview: RS814RP+, RS2414RP+, DS713+ , DS1513+ , DS1813+ , DS2413+ , DS412+ , RS812RP+, DS1512+, DS1812+, RS2212RP+, RS2414+, RS814+, RS2212+, RS812+
      • bromolow: RS18016xs+ , DS3615xs , RS10815xs+ , RS3614RPxs, RS3614xs+, RS10613xs+ , RS3413xs+ , RS3412RPxs , DS3612xs, RS3411RPxs, DS3611xs, RS3617xs, RC18015xs+, RS3614xs, RS3412xs, RS3411xs
      • avoton: RS2416RP+ , DS415+, DS1515+, DS1517+, DS1815+, DS2415+, RS815RP+, RS818+, RS818RP+, DS1817+, RS2416+, RS815+
      • braswell: DS216+, DS216+II, DS716+, DS716+II, DS416play, DS916+
      • denverton: RS2818RP+, RS2418+, RS2418RP+, DS1618+, 
      • apollolake: DS918+, DS718+, DS418play, DS218+
      • broadwell: RS3618xs, FS2017, RS18017xs+, RS4017xs+, RS3617xs+, RS3617RPxs, DS3617xs
    • Download Link
      • 88f6282 (armv5): DS213air, DS213, DS413j, DS112+, DS112, DS212, DS212+, RS212, RS812, DS111, DS211, DS211+, DS411, DS411slim, RS411
      • 88f6281 (armv5): DS112j, DS212j, DS211j, DS411j, DS110j, DS210j, DS410j, DS109, DS209, DS409, DS409Slim, RS409
    • Download Link
      • rtd1296: DS418, DS418j, DS218play, DS218, DS118 
  • Navigate back to the Package Center and select Manual Install.


  • Clicking Manual Install will open a dialog for you to browse for the binary file you just downloaded in a previous step.
  • Upload the update and install ElephantDrive.
  • Be sure to run ElephantDrive and log back into your account.
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