Why Am I Unable to Download Files from My Account Through a Browser?

Downloading files from your account through a browser requires Java.

However, many major browsers, Chrome for example, have opted to discontinue Java support. 

To work around this change, please follow these instructions:

  1. Visit http://home.elephantdrive.com/download/ and download ElephantDrive for your desktop/laptop.
  2. Install and run ElephantDrive on your desktop/laptop. (This will install and enable a plugin for your browsers to utilize for downloads and uploads.)
  3. Log into the ElephantDrive client.
  4. Open up a browser and proceed to downloading your file(s). If you encounter a prompt to run ElephantDrive/plugin, please agree to proceed.

For additional support, please email support@elephantdrive.com

Note: The ElephantDrive desktop client requires Java to be installed on your machine, please visit java.com/en/download/ to obtain the latest version of Java. 

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