How Do I Restore Data From a Point In Time?

Before you read the instructions below, please note our point-in-time (PiT) restore function is still being integrated into the public release client. The version of ElephantDrive you will be installing to achieve PiT restores is recommended only for this purpose and was not meant to run as the main backup client. If you must back up a desktop computer, please install the version of ElephantDrive available here:


The Point-in-Time Release Candidate is only available for Windows. It can be downloaded here:

The Release Candidate installer is unsigned, so after downloading it, please right-click on the file, select Properties, then click the button "Unblock."

Run the installer, then after setup, start the ElephantDrive application. This will register the device on which the application runs. Click through the setup wizard, and once the application is running, right-click on the ElephantDrive system tray icon, navigate to Actions, then Access Your Files.

A window will open resembling a file explorer which shows the current device. On the left side bar, click All Devices and select the desired device **from** which the restore needs to be done. Go to the folder you wish to restore, select it, and click the Restore button at the top of the window.

The Restore Job Window will appear, and here you will:

1. Select the local destination folder where the data will be restored.
2. Select the Point in Time. **The button text will read "Restore as of now," but if you click it, you can select a date/time to specify your PiT restore.**
3. If advised, please be sure to select to restore "archived" data.

Once the PiT restore job has been created, it will start running and restoring data according to the point-in-time you've defined.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns after creating a point-in-time restore job.

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