Why is my account in overage?

Reasons why your account might be in overage:

  • Hidden Files - ElephantDrive will back up all files from a folder, including any hidden files.
  • Versioned Files - Versioning rules are enabled by default and are set to keep a version for every change made to an existing backed up file.
  • Archived Files - Archiving rules are enabled by default and are set to keep locally deleted files in your account. 

Uncommon reason(s) why your account might be in overage: 

  • Usage discrepancy - your account dashboard communicates with our user databases and storage databases which are constantly working to keep data up-to-date as well as display correct account statistics. Sometimes, when data is modified or removed, your usage might require more than a few hours to update. If you notice that it takes more than just a few hours for your usage to update after a change such as emptying your trash folder or after uploading new data, please contact us immediately by emailing support@elephantdrive.com.


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