How do I download or restore my data using ElephantDesktop?

Sometimes you need to get the data that has been backed up. One way to do this is using ElephantDesktop. To do this:

1. Click on the ElephantDrive icon in your System Tray/Menu Bar

2. In the System Tray/Menu Bar menu scroll over the Actions section and choose Access Files. This will open the Access Files Window

3. In the Access Files window navigate to the folder/file you want to restore. Select the file/folder and click the Restore button (the Download button is for small one time downloads. Should your computer or ElephantDesktop need to be restarted or stopped during the Download you will need to start over again. a Restore will start up again from where it left off and is better suited for larger download needs)

4. Once the Restore button is clicked a new window will come up where you can select where you want the downloaded file/folder to go on your Computer. Just click the Browse button to choose

Once you have chosen where to place the file/folder just hit the Save button and your download will begin.

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