How do I download or restore my data using the website?

Files and folders can be retrieved using the Download method. But, only folders can be restored using the Restore method. 

  • For small individual files or small folders, we recommend using the Download method.

 How to download a file/folder (skip these instructions for Restore):

  1. Login to your account (
  2. Navigate to the file or folder you would like to download.
  3. Select the folder or Right-click the file/folder and select Download. You must have ElephantDrive installed on your device in order to launch the transfer manager. You can download ElephantDrive for your computer via

 How to restore a folder:

  1. Login to your account ( 
  2. Navigate to the folder you would like to restore.
  3. Select the folder or Right-click the folder and select Restore Folder.Select_for_Restore.png
  4. Select a Destination Device and manually input a valid Restore Path - this is the destination path of the restore and the format is unique to the device type. The destination device must be connected to your account in order to be a valid destination and for it to appear in the dropdown menu.Select_Device_and_Configure_Restore.png
  5. Select a time for the Start Time then click Start Restore Now to finalize the restore settings. Important: Please restart ElephantDrive on your destination device to ensure the restore settings are applied.
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