How do I create a backup from the website?

It's easy to backup data from your local device to the ElephantDrive cloud. This "how-to" guide shows you how to setup a backup for a folder. 


1.  Login to your ElephantDrive account (


2.  Click the Backup/Restore tab and select Manage Backup Jobs'.  



3.  Click Add Backup.



4.  Input a name in the Backup Name section → put a check in the Enabled box → click Includes →



5.  Input the path of the folder that you would like to backup. You can also use the Arrow keys to navigate to main paths on the local device. 

Once you've input or selected the path click Add. You can also modify your versioning, archiving, and backup schedule by selecting the appropriate tabs here. Make sure to click Save Changes once you are done with the settings.



Great, you've setup a backup for a folder. You can setup as many backups as you need. You can also see the progress of your backup in Current Backup Activity.

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