How do I create a backup using the desktop client?

To set up an automatic backup from a PC or a MAC:

  1. Open ElephantDrive menu from the task bar on PC or Menu bar on MAC.
  2. Click on "Actions" and then "Add/Edit Backups". This will open the "Manage Backups" window.


                                                       MAC                                                                                                                    PC

 Screen_Shot_2012-10-02_at_7.09.51_PM.png     11111.png 


        3.  Click "New Backup" to add a new backup. 



        4.  Set the name for your backup in the "Name" field.

        5.  Click "Add Folder" to add the location of the folder(s) you would like to backup.



  • You can also choose to backup only certain certain type of files within a folder, i.e. jpeg, .png, .doc, etc.  Click on the "Include only the following types" to configure this (separate each extension with ",").
  • The frequency of the automatic backup can be modified in the "Scheduling" section. 
  • You may also exclude any child folder within a parent folder using the "Exclusions" section. Files may also be excluded by file type.
  • Once you are finished with configuring the settings, click "Save" to run the new backups. 
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