I just received a share. I don't have an account yet. What do I do?

What is a Shared folder?: A Shared folder is often used to collaborate on a project with colleagues/friends and have the changes everyone makes on the project synched on everyone else's devices (just like Google Docs, if you're familiar with that). 


How do I start?: In order to take full advantage of all the sharing features available, you need to install ElephantDrive on your computer. You can install ElephantDrive by visiting here: http://home.elephantdrive.com/download/.


  • Once you've installed ElephantDrive, it will create a special folder called Everywhere on your machine. All shared folders are placed inside the Everywhere folder.
  • The email you received will have a subject ,"yourfriend@xyz.com wants to share 'Name of Folder' with you.  Select, "view 'Name of Folder'".  If you are not already logged in, the login screen will appear.  Please login.
  • Next you'll be asked to Accept or Decline the shared folder.





  • Once you select "Accept", you will see the accepted folder and the users it's being shared amongst.



  • You'll notice that the shared folder is now in your Everywhere Folder.  Simply select the folder you'd like to open and you'll see all the files inside it that are accessible to you.
  • You can now add new files or make changes to the existing ones. All changes will be automatically synced to all the members' devices. 


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