How do I share a folder?


With our new Collaborative Sharing features, you can now share a folder with your colleagues or friends.  They will need to sign up for their own ElephantDrive account (don't worry - we make this easy and free).  Once they do so, they can view, edit, and delete files within the shared folder.

One important note before we begin - please make sure the folder you want to share is contained somewhere inside your "Everywhere" folder.  Our synchronization magic only operates inside of Everywhere. So, you cannot share a folder that is not in your Everywhere folder.   Let's begin...


1. First, navigate to your Everywhere folder:



2. Next, select the folder that you'd like to share. I've chosen to share the folder !!!!!WTEST

3. Once you've selected the folder that you want to share, click "Share Folder" above. 



4. Once you click "Share Folder",  the sharing window will appear:



5. Write in the email address(es) of people you want to share the folder with and add a personal message if you would like.  Once you've shared the folder with them, a confirmation page will appear, saying "The folder has been shared successfully":


6. The members (people whom you've shared the folder with) will be notified of the shared folder via email. 

Hi, has invited you to a shared folder called "Folder I'd like to Share".

View "!!!!!WTEST"



Just received a "Shared Folder invitation"? NEXT STEP.

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