Does ElephantDrive have SAS-70 certification?

Privacy and security are top concerns at ElephantDrive and we have architected our solution according the well-established best practices in the security world.  For an overview of the principles and practices applied, please visit our FAQ on security design here: How is My Data Secured at ElephantDrive.

We have not yet provided for our own independent SAS-70 certification, but we have conformed to the standards and partnered with Amazon Web Services for the physical infrastructure.  We've used the publicly available documentation and the work done by our storage partners as Amazon Web Services (AWS) as key guidelines for evaluation.  Their organization has provided several statement and papers addressing SAS-70 compliance: 

Amazon Web Service Security White Paper

Amazon Web Service SAS-70 Discussion Thread

We hope this information helps you make an informed decision and we hope we get the opportunity to provide you with compliant cloud storage services.

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