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What is a Personal Key in the encryption settings?


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  • ElephantDrive

    Another answer to this question...

    The "Personal Key" is derived from your password. While this may
    sound confusing, ElephantDrive does not know your password. We know a
    "hash value" of your password, which is the result of a one-way
    mathematical operation. This means that when you provide your password
    via one of our login interfaces, the one-way operation is performed
    producing a value that we compare to our authentication system. If it
    matches, you're in! If not, you are denied access.

    The beauty of this system is that we don't need to know you actual
    password to authenticate you - better yet, it is impossible to use the
    hash value to work back to the original value. In this way, we can
    securely verify who you are without knowing your actual password

    An added benefit is that we can use the un-hashed password to generate a secure key for you.


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