I don't see my Linux computer in the Web Access Panel. What should I do?

If you installed ElephantDrive Linux but your computer isn't showing up in the Web Access Panel, try these steps: 

1) Check your password via the ElephantDrive status file: 

$cat /etc/elephantdrive/elephantdrive.status 

This should show "Login Successful". If it does not, then ElephantDrive Linux failed to access your account.

To check and change your password:

1) View elephantdrive.config file:

$cat /etc/elephantdrive/elephantdrive.config  
username user@elepha.net
userpassword password123

2)To change your password, use your favorite text editor:

$vim /etc/elephantdrive/elephantdrive.config 

 3) Restart ElephantDrive to apply the new password. 

$sudo service elephantdrive restart 


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