Steps for setting up a folder-specific backup category...

To backup only specific folder(s) from your drive, you will have to create a new rule for the category.

To add a new category for your folder specific backup:

  • On the ElephantDrive Manager click on "Backups". You'll see the list of all the backups running on your machine.
  • Click on the "Add Category" button. This will pop a blank "Backup Details" window.
  • Enter the name of the category you want to create (this can be anything that will help you identify this backup category).
  • Add the specific extensions you want to be backed up or leave the "Extensions" field blank if you want to include all the extensions in the folder to be backup.
  • Click on the "Add" button to add the path for the folder you want to backup.
  • You can change the scheduling and add exclusions to the path by changing the setting on the "Scheduling" and "Exclusions" tab.
  • Click "OK". You should now see the new backup category in the backup list on the "Backup Configuration" window.

The new backup should run momentarily after you set it up and will run in the schedule time specified in the scheduling setting. Its status should be marked as "Automatic" while the other backups marked as "Manual"

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