I am unable to change my password. What's going on?

You may be having a hard time resetting your password because you chose to encrypt your files using personal keys, which displayed the following message at the time when you are given the choice between ElephantDrive Keys or Personal Keys.

You can use your ElephantDrive password as a personal key to encrypt all of your data. If you forget your password, you cannot decrypt your data stored on ElephantDrive.

When you select the personal keys option, the following "final warning" pops up.

Your password is used to derive the personal key. If you forget your password, you will lose all your data.

Personal keys provide a great deal of security, however, it offers such high protection that if we enable you to change your password, it will allow you to connect to your account again but not access any of your files that were previously backed up under your old settings. To elaborate, this is to protect against someone claiming to be you, changing your password, and then having access to all your data.

Because of this, you have two options:

1) Try your best to remember your original password. This might sound silly or obvious, but it really is the worth the extra time/effort to try and remember.

2) Our Support Team can manually reset your password for you, but again, please note that this means you will not have access to any of the data you have backed up under the personal keys encryption setting thus far.

Please contact our Support Team at support@elephantdrive.com if you would like us to manually reset your password.


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