Why did ElephantDrive change their plans?

ElephantDrive offers several different types of subscription to its end users.  We have plans tailored to meet the needs of home users and plans tailored to meet the needs of business users.*  These account types are the result of years of careful observation and analysis, and our research shows that the combination of features, storage thresholds, and other functionality tiers will provide the best experience to the most users.

We want to provide excellent value but also ensure that outliers do not make offerings untenable for most people.  We have learned that it is most effective to present simple plans with clear limits and features, rather than try to market "unlimited" to you and then employ fine print and performance management to force you into behavior that is, in fact, quite limited.

* We also have some special plans for our partners that are designed with re-sale and advanced management features, but those require a special application process.

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