What is your refund policy?

Please click here to view the ElephantDrive refund policy.

A few common questions related to our refund policy are listed below.

Q: Why can't I receive a refund? What is the refund policy?

A: ElephantDrive offers a free 15-day trial (or longer trial for special promotions) on new paying accounts to allow users to fully evaluate the Services prior to purchasing. Your first charge will come 15 days (or the length of period of the special promotion) after your original sign up date. If you cancel before this first charge, you won’t be billed at all.

 By agreeing to the Terms of Use and engaging in the free trial of the Services, you acknowledge that you are aware of this opportunity to "try before you buy" and have either taken advantage of the opportunity or opted to not to do so with full information. Because of this opportunity to evaluate prior to purchase, the Company does not offer refunds to its subscribers except in the event of billing errors.

 The following is an excerpt from our Terms of Use:

If you cancel during a billing cycle, no refund will be issued for the unused portion of the billing cycle. For example, if you are billed on the 15th of every month and you cancel on September 17th, you have already pre-paid for the entire current billing cycle (September 15 - October 15 in this case).

At your request, ElephantDrive will continue to maintain the account data until the end of your current billing cycle (many users prefer immediate purging of data after cancellation, regardless of when in the billing cycle it occurs). The request must be made at least one business day prior to the cancellation of the account. If no request is received to maintain the account data until the end of the current billing cycle, all account data will be queued for deletion immediately following the cancellation of the account. If an account is later reactivated, previous data may not be recovered.

You won't be charged again after that. The only situations that warrant a review for a refund are of the nature where ElephantDrive billing may have been at fault.

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