ElephantDesktop asks me to login again everytime I restart my computer

For some users whenever they restart their computer ElephantDesktop requests that they login again even though they told it to remember their login info. This is because ElephantDesktop has started before your network settings have been set. There are 2 solutions for this.

A. Just close ElephantDesktop and re-open it. It should just log you in automatically.

B. Setup a Windows Scheduled Task to delay ElephantDesktop from starting for a few seconds so your network settings get set before ElephantDesktop starts.

Below are instructions on settings up a Scheduled Task for ElephantDesktop:

1. Click on your Windows start button and in the search bar type "Task Scheduler" and hit enter. This will open the windows Task Scheduler.

2. In The Actions Panel select "Create Basic Task"

3. Type in a name and a description (optional) and click the Next button

4. In the Task Trigger window choose "When I Log on" and click the Next button

5. In the Action window choose 'Start a program" and click the Next button

6. In the ‘Start a Program’ window click the Browse button and then navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\ElephantDrive\ElephantDrive Desktop” (or where you installed ElephantDesktop if different) and select ‘ElephantDesktop.exe’. Then Click the Next button.

7. In the Summary window put a check in the "Open the Properties dialog" check box and click the Finish button. This opens a window with more detailed options for the Task.

8. For Windows 7 users, in the "Configure for" drop down menu at the bottom, do not choose Windows 7 as it will not allow ElephantDesktop open any windows.

Go to the Triggers tab.

9. Select the At log on trigger and click the Edit button

10. In this window select "Any User" under settings and put a check in the "Delay task for" check box in the Advanced settings section. In the "Delay task for" box put a time you want to delay for. In the screen shot the time we chose was 10 seconds, however that is not an option in the drop down list. In this case just type it in manually. You can put in whatever time you would like.

Once you hit ok more options will come up and you are welcome to edit them as you would like. However what we have done above is all that is required. ElephantDesktop should now start up after a restart without asking you to login again.

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