How can I verify if a specific file has been backed up?

There are several ways you can tell whether a specific file has been backed up.

1) Use our Status Icons Feature

Note: You must be running at least version 4.7.2 of the Desktop Application to access the Status Icons feature.

Status Icons are icons that appear over any files on your hard drive that are part of your backup jobs. This is a convenient way of being able to tell whether a file has been backed up, is in queue for backup, or is actually in the process of being backed up without having to open the Desktop Application.*  For a legend explaining the different status icons, click here.


To enable or disable Status Icons:

  • Login to the ElephantDrive Desktop Application.
  • On the ElephantDesktop Manager screen, select "Enable/Disable Explorer Plugin" under "Advanced".
  • Enable the File Status Icons. Wait a few moments for the icons to populate.

*Please note that while the application does not have to be open, it must be running for your Status Icons to appear in Windows Explorer.

2) Search your ElephantDrive Account

Type the name (or part of the name) of the file you are looking for into the Search field in either the Desktop or Website Application.

Desktop Application:


Website Application:


3) Check your ElephantDrive Account

If you prefer not to use our File Status Icon feature, you can always manually check whether a file has been backed up by browsing your file structure in your ElephantDrive account. 

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