How do I set up my Trunk (mapped) drive?

ElephantDrive offers users the ability to map the cloud storage as a network drive on their Desktop devices. Hence, users can access their files from all backup jobs from the mapped network drive.

That said, there are some limitations. Accessing files in Everywhere folder is not supported. That includes shared folders within Everywhere folder. This limitation is by design since Everywhere folder is meant to sync across all devices where each device has a local copy that syncs with the cloud. We recommend users to access their Everywhere and Shared folders through the local “Everywhere” folder rather than the ones in the mapped network drive.

On Windows: TrunkDrive is available as an option via Windows Start button -> All Programs -> ElephantDrive folder -> Advanced folder -> Map as a Network Drive

For Mac OS X users, this feature is no longer offered. Adding a Trunk network drive is done by connecting to ElephantDrive WebDAV server using a WebDAV client application. Based on our testing, Mac OS X Finder's built-in WebDAV client has been unstable and had inconsistent performance results. Therefore, at the moment, we discontinued this feature until Finder’s WebDAV client is updated.





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