What makes ElephantDrive a superior online backup and storage option?

1. We provide instantaneous access to the data that you backup.

A backup solution should not only protect your files from unforeseen problems, but it should also make it easy to restore/access your data. We have worked hard to deliver access/restore functionality is reliable, timely and easy.  Once the data has been backed up, you can access it immediately from the machine that was backed up or from any other computer either our backup application or with just a browser and can either choose to download/restore all data or choose individual files or folders.

2. We never delete files from your ElephantDrive account automatically even though you might delete those files from your computer or place them in the "Recycle bin" etc.

We believe that a backup solution should not delete files just because you deleted them from your local computer either accidentally or on purpose. This allows you to use our system as a storage system as you freeup local disk space. This compares to systems that simply "mirror" your current system.

3.  We use Amazon's S3 service for data protection.

This means your data is always kept in multiple geographic locations, protecting it even in the event of a major natural disaster or catastrophic event.

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