Can I backup SQL database files?

Yes, ElephantDrive will back up files of any type, including SQL data files (and SQL log files and  SQL backup files as well).  There are two important points to keep in mind:

  1. SQL files are often in use and only certain types of subscription allow you to backup files while they are open or locked.  Open/locked file support is provided under Business accounts. Lite and Personal accounts do not have the open/locked file support.
  2. SQL files can often be very large in size.  Since our subscriptions have differing individual file size limits (1GB for Personal plans and 5GB for Business Plans), you will need to confirm that your database files meet the requirement of your plan before you can be sure that the backup will run properly.

Lastly, while you can use the backup software to backup open and active SQL files, our recommendation is that you utilize the "native" backup tools (the tools built right into SQL) to produce a point-in-time backup file or a ".bak" file.  Then use our software to backup the file directory where you have the ".bak" file stored.

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