Why am I not seeing the Icon Overlays on file/folder(s)?

Along with ElephantDrive, Icon Overlays may also be used by other softwares running on your computer. Certain softwares may install using a higher priority within the icon overlays handler. As icon overlay handler can only handle a small number of programs, this may possibly prevent older programs from using the Icon Overlays.

Below are the software programs that we have identified, which can prevent Icon Overlays from displaying:

  1. Adobe CreativeCloud

In addition, any program that uses icon overlays are potential conflicts. It is not as much a matter of conflict as a maximum number of available "slots" for registering Icon Overlay "handlers". Windows Explorer will only call the first X handlers to see if a file should have an "overlay".

In order to make sure that ElephantDrive icon overlays are working correctly, please make sure that ElephantDrive isn't kicked out by other programs. If you need assistance with this, simply contact us at support@elephantdrive.com.

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