I've been an account holder for a long time and I'm seeing problems now. Any ideas?

Since you have been an account holder for a long time, you may have an older version of ElephantDrive Desktop on your system.  Our first recommendation is that you do a fresh install...

  1. Manually uninstall the existing version of the ElephantDrive software.  If you are running Windows, use the "Add/Remove Programs" feature located under the Control Panel.  If you are running Mac, just drag the application into your trash. 
  2. Next, download and install a current version of ElephantDrive Desktop from the web site here: https://www.elephantdrive.com/download/index.aspx.  Please keep in mind that you will need Java 1.5 or higher to run the program.  There is a test to see what you have built into the page. 
  3. Then go ahead and run ElephantDrive Desktop.  The latest version may resolve some of your issues right away, but at a minimum it will give us a baseline from which to investigate or evaluate any continuing problems.
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