How do I install/enable ElephantDrive on Synology?

ElephantDrive is integrated directly on your Synology NAS and allows you to backup your Synology content to the ElephantDrive cloud. To get started, you first need to install ElephantDrive on your Synology NAS from the Package Center. Let's get started.

  1. Access your Synology NAS via the DSM. 
  2. Open Package Center.
  3. Find the ElephantDrive app under the Backup category and click InstallScreen_Shot_2014-08-07_at_11.39.39_AM.png
  5. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click NextScreen_Shot_2014-08-06_at_4.53.02_PM.png
  7. Click Apply to confirm installation. Screen_Shot_2014-08-06_at_4.53.29_PM.png
  9. Once ElephantDrive has been successfully installed on your Synology NAS, you will have the option to Open the application. Screen_Shot_2014-08-07_at_11.43.43_AM.png
  11. You have successfully installed ElephantDrive on your Synology NAS. You are ready to configure your Synology to backup to the ElephantDrive. Follow the next tutorial to setup backups.
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