How do I install/enable ElephantDrive on Drobo?

Setting up your Drobo for automatic backups to ElephantDrive is a two step process. First, you will need to install the ElephantDrive App on the Drobo. The screenshots below will show you how to do that. Once the installation is completed, you will also need to configure/setup the backups. 


Let's get started with the installation first.


1. Open Drobo Dashboard by clicking on the Drobo shortcut from your desktop. 



2. Click to choose your Drobo device on the dashboard. 

ElephantDrive is currently available on Drobo 5N and Drobo B810n models only. 



3. After selecting the Drobo device, click on Drobo Apps on the left


4. Once you select Drobo Apps, you will see the ElephantDrive App on the right side. 

Click on the ElephantDrive icon. Once you click on the ElephantDrive icon, an Install button will appear. Click on the Install button.



5. The installation will begin and may take a few moments to complete. Once the ElephantDrive App is installed, the installation complete message will appear.



Next, you will need to setup the backups and chose which folders to backup to ElephantDrive. Let's Setup the backups.

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