Where do I find my current backup activity report.

The Current Backup Activity report shows what is being backed up from the local device to ElephantDrive in real-time. To see this report:


1. Log-in to your account online at https://vault.elephantdrive.com/account/login.aspx.


2. Go to Reports page and click Current Backup Activity




3. The report may take about a minute to update at first. Subsequently, it will update every 30 seconds. 

  • The report shows the Last Updated time when ElephantDrive communicated with the NAS.
  • The Status of each backup job shows whether a backup job is MonitoringRunning, or Disabled.
  • Details show the exact file/folder currently being processed. It also shows whether the file/folder is  Hashing, Encrypting, or Uploading.
  • Protected Files show the number of files that are being backed up to ElephantDrive.




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