How do I link ElephantDrive with QNAP Turbo NAS?

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It's easy to create an ElephantDrive account from your QNAP NAS. This tutorial shows you how to create an ElephantDrive account from QNAP NAS.


    1. Login to the NAS as ‘admin’ and go to ‘Backup’ > ‘Cloud Backup’ > ‘ElephantDrive’.
    2. Select ‘Enable ElephantDrive Service’.
    3. Enter your email address that will be used to create an ElephantDrive account.
    4. Enter a password for your ElephantDrive account and verify the password.
    5. Click ‘CREATE’ to create the ElephantDrive account and then click ‘OK’ to confirm.
    6. Click ‘APPLY’ to start the ElephantDrive service. If you already have an ElephantDrive account, simply enter your login information and click ‘APPLY’.feature02.png
    7. Now click the link: and you will be brought to the ElephantDrive Login page to manage your backup jobs. You can also check out our how-to manage/setup backup jobs tutorial
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