How do I manage/setup backup jobs on ElephantDrive?

It's easy to backup data from your QNAP NAS to the ElephantDrive cloud. This how-to shows you how to manage and setup back up jobs on ElephantDrive. First, make sure that you've already connected your QNAP to your ElephantDrive account. Learn more here:


1.  On the ElephantDrive service page (, Enter your login information (same as the email and password you have entered on the NAS) and click Log In.


2.  Click the Backup/Restore tab and select Manage Backup Jobs'.  


3.  To enable and/or edit one of the existing backup jobs, select your NAS device *ANASBD92AA) under My Devices → select a Backup Job (Multimedia) → click Edit Job.

Note: There are already backup jobs for each share folder on the NAS and they are disabled by


4.  Check Automatic/Enabled to activate the backup job. If you would like to include or exclude any specific folder,  simply click on the Includes and Excludes tabs.

Once you are done making changes, click Save Changes.


5.  Awesome! You've successfully enabled a backup for a folder. Enable backups for any additional folders that you want backup. 

You will also notice that the Status of shares that you've already enabled will change to Enabled with a green icon.



You can see the progress of your backup under Current Activity page.

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