(OS3) How to manually install the latest version of ElephantDrive on my WD NAS?

Important: The instructions in this article is for WD firmware version OS 3 and not OS 5. If you have any questions, please contact us at "support@elephantdrive.com".


Please note that the latest version of ElephantDrive available for WD NAS devices is currently under development. Please contact our team at support@elephantdrive.com if you need any assistance with installing or using the software.

Before installing the latest version of ElephantDrive, please disable the ElephantDrive version already installed on your NAS.

To disable ElephantDrive, go to "Backups" -> "Cloud Backups" -> "ElephantDrive" and disable the application.


Once the pre-installed version is disabled, please download the appropriate installation package for your WD NAS model from one of the links below. The packages below are only applicable to firmware version OS 3 and is NOT for OS 5. Click here for instructions applicable to WD firmware OS5.

1. Go to "Apps"

2. Click in "Install Apps"


3. Select the option "To install an app manually, click here"


4. Select the downloaded file and click "Install"

5. Select the ElephantDrive application and click on "Configure"


6. Log into the ElephantDrive application


Your backups configuration will be automatically loaded and the application should start uploading your files shortly!



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